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Everyone Should Try the Neon Makeup Trend — Here’s How

Thanks to trend arbiters like the NYFW runways and the latest Fenty Beauty makeup collection, Seems that this summer would be all about neon makeup.

Whether it's electric blue liner or Barbie pink gloss, neon is always vibrant and surprising, so it's only fitting that for 2019's Met Gala themed Camp: Notes on Fashion, celebrities opted for the best and brightest neon makeup we've seen on the red carpets this season. Makeup artists rose to the occasion with hot-pink lipstick, strategically placed eyeliner, and eyebrow colors that in no way exist in nature — and bring new meaning to the phrase “bold brows.”

These colorful looks are a reminder that beauty is meant to be fun, and pretty much everyone on the Met Gala’s red carpet was clearly having a blast. The best part? Neon makeup is deceptively simple to recreate at home. Not everyone has to wear a line of neon across your face a la Cara Delevingne — even a colorful mascara or turquoise waterline is enough to take an outfit up to 11. We recommend taking inspiration from one (or three, in the camp-y spirit of excess) of these makeup looks this weekend.

Cara Delevingne redefined the concept of coloring inside the lines with a rainbow outfit that continued all the way up to her nose. The horizontal neon-orange stripe across her face turns Delevingne herself into a work of art. To aid in the effect, she camouflaged her lips with a light pink that perfectly matched her skin tone.

Madelaine Petsch served us 2019 Tinkerbell in an ethereally structured gown, fairy wings, and matching romantic, pink eye shadow. With her aqua gown, fair skin, red hair, and neon pink accents, Petsch just proved once and for all that the rules of color are made to be broken.

Kristen Stewart took the outdated notion of matching your hair to your eyebrows and ran a marathon with it. She outfitted her brown and platinum hair with orange-red streaks then matched the new style with painted-on brows in white and neon orange.


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