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"I basically made makeup for you to catfish everyone"

If you've been looking for a LGBTQ-owned makeup brand to support, get ready to shell out the dollar bills, because beauty vlogger Nikita Dragun (who is also a transgender woman) is launching her own makeupbrand, Dragun Beauty.

Starting small, Dragun Beauty launched with only two products: Dragunheart Transformation Face Powder and Dragunfire Skin Perfections Potion. Both items come as a set, encased in a plastic dragon egg.

So why a skin-corrector and a powder palette? Nikita says she wanted to create the transformative products that she felt trans people really need in their makeup bags.

This launch is a huge stride for the LGTBQ community, because not only is it one of a few cosmetic brands designed for those on the trans specrum, Nikita announced that Dragun Beauty is the first-ever trans-owned makeup brand for trans people.


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