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SkinScience: Top stories on cosmetic formulation and science

Amanda Lim

1) Beauty with precision: Imagene Labs aiming to make genetic beauty 'commonplace' in 5 years

Sigapore-based genomics firm Imagene Labs is experiencing strong growth as personalised beauty continues to be on demand .

The company creates health, wellness and beauty products for consumers based on its proprietary DNA testing.

It currently offers a personalised serum that is based on the results of its skin test, oriSKIN, which consumers can purchase on its site.

the oriSKIN test kit assess DNA for 10 skin traits including premature collagen breakdowns, imapired skin barrier function and UV damage risk.

Jia-Yi Har, senior vice president and general manager of Imagene Labsaid the company had been spurred on by the increasing demand for personalised skin care.

2) Chinese firm aiming to go global with its animal free collagen alternative.

Chinese firm Jland Biotech has developed an animal-free collagen to mimic and replenish the levels of type -3 collagen.

It was designed to have the same structure as human collagen and has good compatibility with human skin.

Serene Yuan of Jland Biotechsaid Reallagensolves a real pain point in the cosmetics industry

"In cosmertics, people are looking for animal-free ingredients. Our collagen follows that trend. It's safe for vegan and can be used for halal products. We believe it is the future," said Yuan.

3) What does soil health have to do with the costmetic industry?

A huge body of scientific evidence makes it hard to deny that pollution from the agricultural industry has contributed significantly to global climate change, but what might perplex some is how this is connected to the cosmetics and personal care industry.

The answer is simple, as our industry moves increasingly to eco-friendly and natural products, the more it is relying on the supply of raw materials from the agricultural sector, and, in turn the more this is adding to the pressure on agricultural resources.

Whether those materials are plant-, fruit-, and vegtables- based ingridents that are playing a part in formulations, or natural materials used in packaging, the huge growth in the market for natural and organic products worldwide means our industry is relying more and more on agricultural crops.

In the grand scheme of things, the demands the cosmetic and personal care industry make onthe argricultural sector will always pale in comparison to the food industry, but our industry should still be paying attention.

4) Glitter gains: Award-winning eco-friendly product sparkles at China Launch

What is claimed to be the world's first eco-friendly and biodegradable glitter has been launched in China at the PCHI exhibition, and won the event's Fountain Award for its plant-deprived cosmetic glitter.

UL- Based firm Ronald Britton Ltd launchedBioglitter last year at in- cosmetic Global where it pickd up a Gold award.

It is now extending it's reach into Asia by partnering with Hong Kong-based Sethic Innovations to distribute Bioglitter in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

During the event, Bioglitter picked up the Fountain Award in the Green/Sustainable Category.


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