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Sustainable Fashion Trends For Summer

Spring all through Summer is an exciting time especially in fashion. It is a season that ushers in a more jovial and celebratory mood. Bright color ways are revived, bringing to life playful patterns. Silhouettes are also more fluid, frisky and indicative of a spontaneous headspace.

Every year, as soon as the first collections for Spring/Summer hit the shelves, a renewed and reinvigorated temperament.

A new season no longer means discarding pieces from past months to make room for new ones. Gone are the days when wearing the same outfit twice was considered faux pas. That was a cyclic concept build on dictates of consumption. That was fast-fashion. Smart style choices are now informed by a new set of values: craft, heritage, community, sustainability. The new mindset encourages one to reuse, rework, reimagine and revive.

Here, a rundown of innovative labels, collections and fashion movements to embrace this summer. Now you can update your wardrobe—the sustainable way.

  • Return to the 90s with indestructible eyewear

These lightweight and “nearly indestructible” pairs from ic! berlin are distinguished by unique screw-less mechanism. “No screws also mean frames can be broken down and rebuilt by hand.” This season, the German label that strongly identifies with craftsmanship presents eyewear inspired by Berlin’s club culture. ic! berlin Head Designer Harry Skinner explains, “The market trend for color in the upcoming seasons is very interesting for us. We see our collections adopting to a more vibrant and richer color palette. We will play with bold color accents in combination with metallic surfaces and design themes will focus on providing the perfect comfort for our wearers through innovating the fit and materials we use and how we use them.”

  • Pretty frocks for the Beach And The City

Creators at loungewear label Sleeper place a high premium on conveying positive messages to its clients. The brand is focused on making clothes that simplify life, crafting clothes for home that are stylish enough to be worn outside. Sleeper Co-Founder Kate Zubarieva explains, “We wanted women to enjoy not just the dresses, but most importantly themselves and their beauty.” For Spring/Summer ’19, a collection from “the first walking sleeper” label highlights easy, effortless frocks that can be worn while in the city or to the beach. Asya Varestsa, who is one of the company’s visionaries, shares, “We wanted to create something suitable and multifunctional, comfortable and appropriate to wear on the beach and to a party with friends, on a picnic and even during an escapade to the market.” She adds, “ The task also entailed creating dresses that will look cool in photos after 20 years and do not require special care; in a nutshell that makes like easier without sacrificing their appeal.”

  • Best of the Tropics In Your Hand

During the recently concluded Manila Fame Trade Show in Manila, Lara’s hand-woven banig pieces from the Province of Basey, Samar were a crowd favorite especially among the fashion-forward. Banig, hand woven grass leaves usually used to create mats for sitting or sleeping, were reworked into totes and bucket bags. Festive color ways and patterns were meticulously woven to capture the stunning tropical landscapes endemic to Basey. The collection, dubbed Amon (which means "Ours"), featured vibrant and indigenous avian patterns as distinctive design elements. "The pieces were created to remind us about loving our own. It also promotes a sense of identity --whether through the design, heritage or messaging of the product," explains the creative team behind Lara. Philippine weaves, sourced from Great Women, were also utilized for  texture and depth. Other flora and fauna also added to the tropical fantasy lovingly created by weavers at Lara. The collection bagged two awards during the show: Best Product Design for Fashion Category and People's Choice Award.

  • Accessories By Artisans

Pieces from Artisans of IQ are visions realized by extraordinary women artisans in Southeast Asia. Designs are imagined by the brand’s founder, Ileana Quinones, in her atelier in New York. Inspired by travel, culture, exploration and discovery, Artisans of IQ items are thoughtfully crafted with a consciousness for “preserving ancient artisanal traditions and craftsmanship.” The team works in close collaboration with underserved women in Southeast Asia to come up with pieces that are global, relevant and most importantly, ethical. Ileana explains, “We partner with the best silversmiths in Thailand to craft one of a kind vintage inspired layered looks of global design. Each piece of jewelry tells a story of mixed cultures, travel, ancient symbols and far away places soldered in 18K gold vermeil & Karen tribe silver with precious gemstones.”


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