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The Wisdom of the Makeup Counter

When Andrea is not working on set, doing makeup on clients or working with her charity, she loves visiting various makeup counter learning about new products. She values gaining knowledge about new product release and discoverninh new ideas which better her craft.

Most makeup salespeople are trained and educated when it comes down to brands and new products - they're also there to help you! Ask whoever is behind the counter the dfference between a brand's powder and liquid foundation, ask about serums that you should be trying with your skin and complexion and also ask for their opinions.

When shopping for new makeup - use your phone to look up product reviews, it's a great way of finding out if a product is worth buying of not. You can also use your phone to find the right place with the lowest price for the product you want!

Know your ingredients, it's the same ideology for what you put in your body. You want the safest and chemical free ingredients to put on your skin, the largest organ in your body. It's also helpful to know what skin you have, for example oily, dry, sensitive and combination.

Andrea loves visiting the makeup counters to evolve her knowledge on brands and new products

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